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Life Songs


I will be forever grateful to my old school friend, professional musician Bryan Smith for taking the time to listen to my songs, then to spend time with me writing & recording the music which has developed into the St. Albans Funk - Life Songs,  album. 


Starting the project, I could never have known that I would go on to meet and become close friend's with one of the world's exceptional musicians, multi-instrumentalist Mo Pleasure who would join us on the project and bring along some of his outstanding musician friends, taking the music to a place I could have only dreamed of.     

My songs have been inspired by life and world events. In these troubled times I hope that my words can highlight some of the issues that need addressing and in someway promote & help organisations that help those in need.

Music is such a powerful medium, it can change our mood, educate & bring people together, it can change lives. Making this album has certainly changed my life for the good in many ways. I am so grateful to everyone for their help on the

St. Albans Funk project, Bryan, Mo, all the Musicians, Singers and my incredibly talented friend, multi-award winning musician, writer, producer Tony Swain for his advice and time at our many meetings over numerous cups of coffee. I have made so many wonderful new music  friends during this project, I thank you all, my Music Family. 

My ambition for the future is to keep writing songs, create new projects & opportunities for musicians including new albums, live shows, video & film,  for established artists & newcomers, whilst also promoting good causes.  I feel blessed to be surrounded by exceptional people with exceptional talent, sharing a vision to help spread love & positive messages around the world through music. 

Tony Larking

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