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bryan smith

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I have been lucky enough to have worked with some fantastic people in my role as either a musician, a composer, a recording engineer or a producer, in my own studio Mediasmith Studio 2 and in some of the great recording studios including many projects at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. 


St. Albans Funk Project

I went to school with Tony (Tony Larking my co conspirator on this project) He was a year younger than me and still is I think.


We kind of lost touch for a while after leaving school, that was until I booked a recording studio session in Luton circa 1977 only to find that Tony was part of the set up there, I believe his brother Don had built and owned the place. Anyway, that was the start of me giving Tony money for studio time and then studio equipment for many years to come. That’s pretty much how it was then until 2015 when Tony approached me with his St. Albans Funk idea. The idea being we write and produce some tracks together at my studio and see how they turned out. 


Nearing the end of the creative part of the project I can say it has been an incredible journey full of great highs and laughter. The songs and the performances on them have given me some of the greatest moments of my long career in the music business. The chance to work with Mo Pleasure at close quarters is something I’ll never forget. His genius always made me nervous, I never wanted to F--k up on sessions with Mo ): He also introduced us to so many incredible people who then worked on our project including Mark Mondesir, a monster drummer and a wonderful chap. That was the benchmark, it was an incredibly high level.


To all of those people who’s talents shine on these recordings, it was a real joy working with you.


I hope anyone reading this will enjoy listening to the music that we have created.

Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith Music Awards include a Gold Disk for work on The One and Only by Chesney Hawkes and several other major chart hits. I have also enjoyed  a recording career of my own with chart success and a great tour with

The Jools Holland Big Band. I now have my own studio facility and play in two live bands, which keeps me busy.


Some of the great  Artists, Producers, Musicians and Companies that have worked with 

Bryan Smith or have checked into his recording studio, Mediasmiths Studio 2.


Steve Harley, Chesney Hawkes, Roger Daltrey, And Why Not, The Troggs, Heinz Burt (Tornados), Hello, Peter Andre, Jools Holland (Tour with The Big Push), Florence and the Machine (TV Remix), Leee John (Imagination), The Drifters, Jon Anderson (Yes)

Francis Dunnery (It Bites), The Amazing Colossal Men, Spector (Remix), Nik Kershaw

Russ Ballard (Songwriter/Producer. Argent. Rainbow), Mike Berry, Little Howard. (Live Show Audio), Marmalade (Live Show with Inside Out), Chris Cameron (George Michael Musical Director), Mo Pleasure (Earth Wind and Fire Musical Director)

Mark Mondesir Drummer (Jeff Beck, Courtney Pine), Steve Rodford Drummer (The Zombies), Ruth Elder (London String Group, LSG)

Alan Shacklock (Producer Roger Daltry, Meat Loaf etc), Curtis Richardson (Songwriter/Producer- Rhianna, J.Lo)

John Fiddy (Composer Producer, David Essex, Alvin Stardust etc)), Geoff Calver (Engineer Producer. Mezzoforte, Heatwave)

William Gibbs (Musical Director on Spanish TV), Colin Frechter (Composer/Producer The Troggs, The Bay City Rollers etc)

Mike Brown. (George Michael), Freddie Vigor. Sax (The Average White Band), Dan Reinstein (Saxophonist), 

Tony Larking (TL Audio Founder), Farm Factory Studios (Bryan Smith is the Co Founder), Blaylock Management

Randale Records, Chrysalis Records, Warner Brothers, Island Records, Sky TV, Steinar Records, Anim8, Red Bull, Carlton Media

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