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the Haven + london

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The Haven + London – supporting creatives in crisis

Studies have shown that people who work in the creative industries are three times more likely to experience mental health problems. The singers, musicians, artists, writers and dancers of the world do what they do because they are driven and consumed by their art but many of them are in crisis behind closed doors. The Haven + London is the only charity solely dedicated to supporting the creative community at all stages of their careers, with a particular focus on emerging artists, who are struggling behind the scenes. Through our ‘Space to Talk’ chaplaincy programme and a range of events and programmes tailored to support creative hearts, mind and spirit, our work saves lives and enables creative people to flourish and thrive. We are delighted to have the awesome Mo Pleasure as our official ambassador.


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Rev Peterson has been so helpful during my down times. He's incredible. Just knowing I can call him or any of The Haven + London team at any time is amazing. The anonymity of the help you get and knowing that you’re not judged in any kind of way is so critically important. The Haven helps us artists through our path of self-discovery. People think that you can, on demand, play, record, produce something brilliant. Write me a hit song. This kind of thing. It's just not like that. People don't understand what we go through and how hard it is sometimes to actually create. Sometimes we just don't feel like it. We don't have the muse showing up or whatever, but we still have to come up with it. The Haven helps us to reconnect with and nurture our spiritual selves, the bit of us that feeds our creativity. Whatever you believe or don’t believe it just matters to know you are loved and that’s what The Haven does. The Haven is there to pick up the pieces when we break but it’s also there with the people and tools to help stop us from going to the dark places that so many creatives end up going to.  I’m so proud to be an official ambassador for a truly awesome Charity that is solely dedicated to supporting the creative community and advocating for our very specific needs.

Mo Pleasure, world-renowned composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and touring Musical Director to the stars.

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