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Pre-Release Reviews

UK Music Fan -  I have found my headphones and been listening to the music, it is absolutely lovely and growing on me the more I hear. I Love Hell is empty,  the guitar in Rise and your song of the past is great, what a beautiful voice she has. You are a very talented writer . I will try and find something constructive to add but am loving it so far.

These songs sound like... a real partnership with the word's, beautiful voices and great instrumentals. You obviously all have a great understanding. That's really beautiful,  being able to put life and its  events into song is a special gift. 

I have changed my favourite song to " Romance is dead " I can't stop listening to it and trying to sing it, the only criticism of it is, it's not long enough.   


UK Music Fan -  I’ve listened to your music a couple of times now and can assure you I will be listening to it again and again. There are so many I really like and you might notice by my choices I’m a bit of a softy and romantic, always have been and always will, that’s why I like country so much as the sing from the heart. I love   Thinking about the past   Sing my song   Travellers Song   Rise (guitar solo was amazing)  London city   People come back   Romance is dead (had me in tears)   Studio 434   You melt my heart   You never notice me  &  Our family (took me right back to my childhood).
Thank you so much for the opportunity to listen to these songs it really means a lot, especially at the moment when things are so tough. 

UK Music Fan -  I loved this album - favs are:   You never notice me   Our Family   You melt my heart   
Travelers’ Song   Thinking about the past   St Albans Funk - I keep singing that!   Romance is dead

There are too many great tracks and a lot of them grow on you, the more you listen to them. 

Sharon Wright Ross - It's cool easy listening, very mellow, the sort of music you have in classy restaurants. Me & John would listen to that chilling at home.
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