Rebecca scales

Supporting The Hello Sailor Soul Disco playing some of that great old school Soul & Funk. 


With her no time to waste attitude she also produces her own music and has a label coming soon called happy sounds which will promote her styles and tastes as well as give others a grounded platform to be heard.

Rebecca Scales is the Ultimate Humble House Diva who has worked with select top names in House Music: DJ Spen, Eric Kupper, Richard Earnshaw, Toni Economides, Brian Power, Femi YD Fem to name a few. She likes to keep things underground but her melodic style sits on the fence and is widely appreciated across genres.

She writes all her own material but occasionally will co-write with respected songwriters. She DJs House music and any genre that emulates Funk Soul and emotion with her animated character she has the floor poppin’ in UK, Europe and East Asia.

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